• Hiedi Clague

Weather, weather everywhere...

Just a quick one to show you a couple of pics of the first "moderate gale warning" we've encountered here on the southern French coast.

We picked ourselves up off the mooring we were on this morning, as we were told there was a better spot (on anchor) up on the west side of the bay, out of the oncoming S/SW winds. The usual weather apps all told us that we were in for a bit of a blow, so we decided to get set prior to it all coming in early afternoon.

So now its around 4pm and apart from the impending biblical skies shown below, we've had nothing but a bit of a breeze, so far. Fingers crossed as it could get a bit blowy tonight.

As I took the pics shown here, I saw an Aussie flag flying on the boat in the pics, so using the well known global Aussie call sign "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie..." I heard back "oy, oy, oy" and initial contact was made with our neighbours. They're are now on their way over for a drink. Nice to meet new peeps from home!

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