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Lisbon & Cascais (Portugal)

I'm playing catchup here a little bit as I am so far behind in the blog it's not funny

Too much to do means not enough time for updates, apologies for those following.

Between the end of July and now (late Oct), we've been off the boat for a month for Gav's 60th in Bali and Vietnam. Since then we've done a few miles but I'll start with Lisbon and Cascais.

So let's pretend it's our last day in Lisbon, soon we'll be flying out for Bali but beforehand let me tell you a bit about the past couple of weeks on AFB.

After sailing roughly 156NM from beautiful Porto (highly recommended) heading south to Lisbon, we happened across a charming coastal town; Cascais (Cashcaish). It's just a short 1.5hr sail up the coast from Lisbon and well worth the couple of days stop for some R&R. We liked it so much we ended up returning a couple of times with friends the Thomson's and then with Rosalie, Gav's sister.

Heading on from Cascais to Lisbon, we dropped Mom off for her trip back to Oz and then had a few days exploring the grand dame of Portugal; Lisboa.

In Lisbon, we managed to catch up with friends Andrew Thomson and his lovely wife Clarabelle for lunch in the old town and then Andrew had to head back to work for a while, so Clarabelle kindly showed us around their newly adopted Lisbon for the afternoon. Later Andrew joined us again for a drink and with much talk of life, love and everything in between including a lot of rugby chatter, we invited them for breakfast and the Crusaders (rugby) game on the boat. We had a great day watching the rugby and sailing up to Cascais for the day, followed by a BBQ on the boat. What a great day all round! Thank you Thomsons x


Lisbon, what a beautiful place you are! We've wandered the streets and encountered the rather eye catching Santa Justa Lift amongst other spectacular sites. The Santa Justa lift is a beautiful neo gothic vertical structure, along the Rua de Santa Justa, consisting of a metal tower, observation platform and walkway. 45 metres high, covering seven stories, the tower includes two elevator cabins, decorated in wood, mirrors and windows, suffice to say, its a tourist attraction for good reason! Same guy designed this as the Eiffel Tower I do believe.

Santa Justa Lift (not just a lift!)

A few days alone again before Gav’s sister Rosalie arrived to join us for a few days from Barcelona where she’d been dancing her twinkle toes off in her dance comps.

Whilst in Lisbon, we took Ro to the incredible Timeout Market to sample the small yet evil but beguiling Portuguese tart; always ready to tempt you at 1Euro a pop! Sorry Ro for extra weight you may have transported home! Plus we drank delicious wine and watched the seemingly impromptu dancing in the main hall, I'll try and add some video here at some point, it was mesmerising.

We then had a day out in Lisbon exploring before heading back up to Cascais for a few days on anchor, where we caught up with Simon and Paula from SY Sylvana for more fun and games! Loved catching up with you guys, the merry-go-round will never look the same ;)


Timeout Market (Lisbon) & Cascais


Portugal is a beautiful place; full of beach lined coast, gorgeous scenery, towns, cities, food, wine and people. We are looking forward to getting back there some time soon!

For now, obrigado!

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